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Made in Tennessee: The Coffee Shop

Walking across Main Street in the city of Humboldt there's one place everyone stops to get their coffee and its right here at The Coffee Shop. The Coffee Shop hasn’t been here very long but it has made a big impact on the community. “We literally come here every day,” say JC and Jason Vasquez. Tammy and her husband Guy Causey felt like they were called to do this. 16 months after their grand opening, The Coffee Shop has become a staple in Humboldt. “We felt just very compelled by the lord for him on Main Street in Humboldt and the venue was supposed to be a coffee shop," says Tammy Causey. Many people even come from surrounding cities to share a cup of coffee, some conversation, and listen to some local music.

“Every time we come into town we have to stop over here… best coffee place around,” says Vasquez. The Coffee Shop has created a presence in downtown Humboldt and has added to the thriving community. Causey says they hope for an even brighter future ahead. “Continued growth we hope. Continued community presence and encouraging the community to come here in fellowship together,” says Causey. The Coffee Shop, made in Tennessee!

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