Community members recap 2019

January 4, 2020


10 years ago The Amp was an empty field. As the new year and decade start a few Jacksonians share some of their favorite memories.


“Wow this last year of 2019 has been tremendous", says County Commissioner, Jeff Wall.


Although we said goodbye to 2019 the memories are still very clear.


Jackson added new businesses, developed the downtown and midtown area, and elected a new city mayor.


One long time Jackson resident says after 15 years of living in her neighborhood, this past decade is when she saw it grow.


“It’s been really exciting to see the transformation in the homes and a lot of the remodel and certainly the new construction that’s happened there", says Jenci Spradlin.


Jackson added thousands of new residents over the past decade, ending with now over 60,000 Jacksonians.


And the few college campuses in the Hub City helped that number grow.


Pamela peters – lane college professor

Lane College professor, Pamela Peters says,“I think that is what has impressed me the most over the last decade is seeing how Lane College is getting out more in the community.”


Jackson adopted a slogan “Move Jackson Forward” and that happened in a lot of ways, specifically in education.


Wall says, “The thing, things that come to mind to me, would be like the loop program in the Jackson Madison County School System.”


Affordable housing was built, hundreds of jobs were made, and community members came together.


“One thing that I was very proud of this year too is to see community members. Just coming, they are coming out of the wood work to be able to help other community members", says Wall.


My favorite memory is going to the Farmers Market and getting a donut. In downtown Jackson, from 39 News, I'm Imani Williams.

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