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Bad weather creates huge sinkhole in Jackson

The road has come to an end over here by Casey Jones Village. All of the rain that we've gotten here in Jackson lately has created this huge sinkhole. So big, that Jackson residents just cant miss it.

“When I first saw the sinkhole honestly I've never seen anything like that before it's like a meteor hit the ground,” says Rico Steele.

It sounds like a river, but it’s a culvert whose lifespan has come to an end.

“With all the fill ins and everything they’ve done and we've had so much rain lately it's things like that that give us an indication of things we need to focus on,” says Gloria Bouknight

The sinkhole runs through one of the villages parking lots and all the way into the sidewalk.

The road is currently shut off and those headed towards Casey Jones Village or the hotel have to take a little detour.

Casey Jones Village will remain open but general manager Brooks Shaw says the community's safety is their priority.

“We're getting information and bids from various companies on what its going to take to fix. Were talking with the city, the insurance company, were talking to everybody involved in the process,” says Shaw.

Citizens are glad to know that the city will be getting this fixed as soon as possible.

If there will be more accidents like this one due to heavy rains that we don’t know but meteorologist Kris Sommers will have a weather update for us.

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