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TCAT receives GIVE grant from Governor Lee

I'm currently in TCAT's surgical lab one of the many places that will be benefiting from the give grant that was presented by Governor Lee today.

927,580 in give grant funds

That’s how much Governor Bill Lee presented to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in what he calls give grants, or the governors investment in vocation education.

The grant aims to create a better future for students in the state hoping to pursue a career in vocational, technical, or agricultural education.

Anita Ozier, the surgical tech instructor at TCAT explains just how beneficial the grant will be for her students.

“The more instruments, the more setups, the different things we can teach our children before they go into the field the better they're going to be,” says Ozier.

Ozier says they plan to get more simulations to help better prepare students to go from a classroom to an operation room.

“Childbirth, there are procedures that have simulations for that. Anything that we can get our students their hands on where they can learn hands on they’ll be better off,” says Ozier.

Governor Lee says these grants will ultimately lead to economic growth for the whole state.

“Businesses are created, jobs are created but they're only developed when the workforce is developed and the skills are there,” says Governor Lee.

Going into his second year Governor Lee says he will continue to put a big focus on education.

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