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2020-2021 assessments will still take place; teachers may not see negative consequences for scores

Teachers and administrators were nervous going into this school year but now they are feeling a little more optimistic as state leaders call for a suspension that could relive some pressure.

Recently Governor Bill Lee and Education Commissioner, Penny Schwinn, called for removing negative consequences linked to students assessments.

Students in the Jackson Madison county school system spent around 6 months out of school due to COVID-19 concerns, with this extended break in instruction the district expected a learning gap in students.

“We knew that some students would be behind, we have some students that are already struggling and then we had students that were doing well", says Deputy Superintendent for Academics, Students, and Schools for the Jackson Madison County School System, Dr. Vivian Williams.

Student assessments will still continue this year but teachers and schools may not be negatively impacted by the scores that students make.

“It’s not that they don’t want to be held accountable because they want to make up the learning for students, but they don’t want the pressure of knowing the students have been out of school and many are being taught in a different way", adds Williams.

Accountability measures vary for teachers and schools that receive low scores on yearly assessments.

Williams says the assessments will now allow them to know where students are and work forward.

Officials with the Department of Education said they support Governor Lee’s call for the temporary suspension and Lee says his administration will work with the General Assembly to figure out a way for this to come to fruition. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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