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One man speaks out after home burglary

The King family woke up on Monday morning and realized they were missing a few items… and now they are urging the community to keep their doors locked.

“I couldn’t imagine that happening and when it did it just threw us all for a loop", says homeowner, Juan King.

Juan King and his family were surprised to see money, shoes, clothes, and hunting rifles gone one morning.

King says, “Um we woke up and we noticed the house had been ran through. Um my daughters purse was sprawled out on the couch with her wallet out, money missing.”

King says that they have had a history of problems at their home at the corner of Wallace and Old Hickory.

But this time was different.

“And they ended up going through my cars, my kids cars, and they got my gun, money and then they came in the house", says King.

King says all the items that were taken were material items but knowing someone was in their home is still scary.

"That hurts because you got me when I was most vulnerable, you came in here when I was most vulnerable and went through my house", says King.

Most of the money that was taken the family saved to buy christmas gifts for family and friends.

Now that has all changed.

King adds, “I don’t want anybody to go through not having christmas, because someone decided they wanted to have your christmas.”

King says he is now double checking to make sure all his doors are locked and that his camera is working 24/7. The Jackson Police Department says this is still an on going investigation. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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