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Kids in the Hub City left school warmer

A few weeks ago, a here in Jackson shared their need for more coats to give to students here at Washington Douglas Head Start and today’s the day where they get to give those coats out. Let’s see what the kids think.

Over 200 kids received a new coat today.

The Bank of Jackson worked with Washington Douglas Head Start to help boys and girls stay warm.

Stacks of coats were set out to fit the smallest kid to the tallest.

“They enjoying the coats and they get to pick, like my daughter picked her favorite color purple. So they enjoying the nice coats", says parent, Grenada Green.

Prince perry was proud of his new orange coat, because of it’s cuddle feature.

Prince Perry says, “I love this jacket it is so cuddly, and nice."

All of the kids were able to pick out their own perfect coat with the help of city and county officials.

One parent says this helps so many at Washington Douglas.

“I think it is a fabulous thing that they are giving the kids nice warm coats because some parents are not able to afford nice warm jackets", says Douglas.

Especially during this time of year.

Green adds, “To give the kids a nice warm coat for this winter, and right now we need the coats because it’s cold outside.”

Each child that walked into school today was able to leave with a new coat. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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