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Homeowners ask drivers to slow down after car chase

Last night here on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the Croswait family said they heard police sirens and didn’t think anything of it. Until they opened their door and saw a car flipped upside down.

“I was over there helping my uncle fix his dog house and i hear cops and i’m just thinking they normally come down the road sometimes, maybe something happened over there", says Chyann Croswaits who lives in the home near the crash.

Around 4:30 Tuesday evening State Trooper Adam Cash saw a red kia optima swerving on South Highland Avenue.

After the car almost hit another vehicle cash attempted a traffic stop, but the car sped off.

Chyanna says, "see this red car just catch some air over there and it's like all his wheels off the ground and as soon as he hit like over there he swerved and I thought he was going to go through the fence so, I’m just gripping the fence like this.”

The driver was identified as Melvin C. Ellison Jr.

Ellison drove about one point five miles before he lost control of his car.

Now as the driver was coming down the road, he lost control and slammed right into this red truck.

James Croswaits, the homeowner says, “I feel pissed, you know the thing is, if that truck wasn’t there, it could have killed my wife and my son you know. It could have injured our house.”

The Croswaits are glad no one was hurt, but still upset about the scare.

Chyann says after Ellison hit the truck his car flew in the air."He came over here, he took this pole out and broke it right in two, and then he up in the air flipping and he landed bout over there.”

Now right here in this area, is where the car overturned. I still see a lot of glass, a lot of car parts, and even a coke can. Now charges are still pending for Ellison. In East Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.”

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