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The Salvation Army asks for help

To build up a community it truly takes an army, The Salvation Army, they have helped youth and adults in communities across the country and here in Jackson they are asking for the communities help.

The Salvation Army is gearing up to gather items for kids in Jackson and Madison County.

Today they picked up gifts from donations at toyota Boshiku.

This year they had over 500 angel wishes to fulfil.

With the help of volunteers and the community most were adopted.

But they still have angels that need gifts.

Lieutenant and core officer, Cheryl Moynihan says, “it’s not just about a barbie doll, it’s just not about a toy car its about your impacting a life that you don’t know how far that’s going to go generation to generation that those kids are going to remember that.”

Lieutenant Cheryl Moynihan is a core officer for The Salvation Army.

But like many of the angels on the angel trees, the Salvation Army helped Moynihan’s family many times starting before she was even born.

Moynihan says, “had it not been for the mission of the salvation army helping my grandmother years ago, where would we have been?”

The Salvation Army has hundreds of volunteers that help make their projects, like the angel tree possible.

One volunteer says volunteering with them feels like family.

Volunteer Roger Fowler says, “everything they do is they’re scraping by day to day trying to make ends meet like a family. And they are helping everybody out with every penny they can scrape, scrounge or borrow."

The Salvation Army is still taking donations for their angel tree and red kettle campaign. Donations can be dropped off at their Allen Avenue location. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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