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Safe Harbor's Christmas dinner

Right behind this door some of the Jackson community is celebrating Christmas just a little early, like they do every year.

Safe Harbor is giving the homeless community in Jackson something they might not have otherwise… a Christmas dinner.

“Turkey, ham, mac and cheese, green beans, cranberry sauce, and the gravy,” says volunteer Mary Moffitt.

That wasn’t all they got.

Everybody who walked into Safe Harbor today also went through bible study and got a little bit of the gospel.

“It means everything to me just come read the bible, play with people, do almost anything here,” says James Mays.

It’s a safe place for the homeless community to come, get fed, and know that they matter.

“That’s what we all need and we let them know that they are not forgotten. It's just warming and they’ll enjoy it and well enjoy it too,” says Moffitt.

This isn’t the only time that Safe Harbor provides a meal along with bible study, they actually do this every single Wednesday.

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