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Local high school bands are going to California

I am here at one of the practices for Gibson County band and they sound so great, but they are getting ready for something bigger.

Small towns in West Tennessee

Are making a big sound

South Gibson high school, Peabody high school, Humboldt high school, Milan high school, and Gibson County high school band are coming together to perform in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

Gibson County high school band director, Jeremy Tate says, “and so it was one of those things when we applied we knew there was a less than five percent chance of being selected, so when we got selected we were in awe and amazement.”

These bands usually show their skills at the local Strawberry Festival parade, but now the entire country will hear them play.

“I’m like super excited about it. Because like that’s a great opportunity for like us gibson county getting to go to california", says Katie Ellis, Peabody High School color guard.

The Gibson County mass band was one of eight bands chosen in the United States.

And one band director says this opportunity will give his students a lot of firsts.

Peabody high school band director, Steven Westbrook says, “just the fact that they are getting on a plane for the first time in their life, that they are going to see an ocean for the first time in their life, that they are going to disneyland instead of disney world, that they are marching in front of thousands and thousands of people.”

But this trip isn't cheap, costing nearly $100,000.00.

Tate says, "so, it is around 2500 dollars a kid for every kid to go so, we are wanting every kid to have this experience.”

Al of the bands are getting ready and getting prepared for their trip to California. From Gibson County, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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