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A local organization is keeping kids in the Hub City warm

Over two hundred kids walk through the doors of Washington Douglas Head Start each day. And some without coats. One local organization wants to make sure that each child that walks through those doors is wearing a coat.

Assistant Center Coordinator Elizabeth Bryant saw a need for the students she serves.

“I saw a need at the center it was freezing and the kids were coming in and some of them had coats, some of them didn’t, some of them had holes in them", says Bryant.

And asked for help.

“And she called and said ‘would this be something yall would like to do and i said absolutely this would be something we would like to do", says Anita Kay Archer with Bank of Jackson.

This is the second year the Bank of Jackson is filling the need for coats at Washington Douglas Head start.

The Bank of Jackson collects coats and other items to help children stay warm during the winter.

Archer says, “and we not only have coats we have socks, scarves, hats.”

The main goal for the coats is to keep students warm, but bryant says the coats do more than that.

“They can come to school and they can go outside and play and they can be confident. You know, because they are warm and they have a new coats", Bryant adds.

Now although the Bank of Jackson has exceeded the number of coats they needed to give to students at the Head start they are still accepting donations. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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