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Three shootings in Jackson overnight

It was around 4 am this morning when a Jackson neighborhood was woken up by the sound of gunshots coming from the house right behind me.

The Jackson Police Department responded to the 200 block of Lenoir Avenue for a call of shots fired.

When they arrived they found 47 year old Charllene Albright with multiple gunshots and JPD confirms she had already passed away.

One neighbor says she woke up to the sound of a car speeding through her street and hitting a pothole.

“I heard this car coming down the street going real fast it went all the way to the end it hit this pothole it was so loud it work me up,” says Grace Blake.

Then she heard the gunshots.

“I saw him coming back up the street then he parked in front of that house right there, then i heard shots three time bop bop bop,” says Blake.

This wasn’t the only shooting that occurred last night.

Around midnight JPD responded to a shooting where they found 26 year old Shartavis Rollins with gun shot wounds to his body and before 4 am they were dispatched to Foxlea Cove where a residence had been shot into.

JPD says they don’t believe any of these three scenarios were random acts of violence and believe they are all connected.

As of now this is still an ongoing investigation but they ask anyone with any information to reach out to JPD or Crimestoppers.

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