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Reed's metals surprises local woman

It’s not every day someone shows up with balloons to your doorstep but it was a wonderful surprise today from Reed’s Metals.

“Excitement, big time excitement,” says Chris Helgeland.

Covering the community, that’s the name of Reed’s Metals annual project and it’s literally what they are doing as they provide a family with a brand new roof.

After going through more than 100 submissions, Chris Helgeland was chosen.

“With Reed's taking care of that that’s a big blessing,” says Helgeland.

Helgeland is a single mother of nine kids and her 14 and 17 year old sons provide for the entire family.

A 12 to 15 thousand dollar roof was something they needed but didn’t think was going to be possible until this morning.

“They pay for everything they meet the bills around here so for them to know that the roof isn’t going to come out of their pockets means a whole lot,” says Helgeland.

With fixing her family’s leaky roof, reeds hopes to give her entire family a better living situation.

“Leaky roof will damage your ceilings, damage your walls, a lot of health concerns with mold and meldue so everything starts with a roof so its very important to have a good roof on your house,” says Andrew Lindsey.

If everything goes according to plan the roof should be completely finished by christmas time.

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