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Small businesses feeling more optimistic

The National Federation of Independent Businesses just released their small business optimism report for last month and it’s the highest its been all year long. Let’s go to some small businesses to see if that how they're feeling.

“Definitely more optimistic I think more people are choosing to shop local and support their local businesses and we really appreciate that,” says Emily Hathcock.

Small businesses believe initiatives to shop local like small business Saturday and local campaigns might be encouraging people to support their local businesses.

Local business owners are doing what they can as well, by trying to provide communities with an experience people cant get at stores everywhere.

“Giveaways and making it fun and festive and were having different little snacks so people can get out and enjoy their time together and shop around and mingle with their friends and their family,” says Hathcock.

Customers are also actively making the choice to support their local businesses.

They recognize that shopping local keeps money local and that encourages them to support their local businesses.

“We can keep our money at home when we can, keep it generating in our economy and we really need to help everybody we can locally,” says Bob Smith.

As you can see small businesses are feeling a little more optimistic but it’s not just local. According to the report, businesses everywhere are feeling more optimistic.

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