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Made in Tennessee: Cloud Nine Nutrition

After noticing the need for more healthy options here in the hub city, one couple decided to do what they could to help.

Bradley and Chelsea Moredock opened their first nutrition shop in jackson earlier this year.

Chelsea Moredock says, “It’s just a healthier option instead of running through the drive through somewhere.”

Cloud Nine Nutrition serves loaded teas and meal replacement shakes.

These drinks are high in protein, low in sugar, and low in calories.

The Moredocks are originally from Mississippi and say that they opened their business in Jackson not knowing how the response would be.

“The best part about it is meeting and greeting everybody. You know we did not know a single person from jackson", says owner Bradley Moredock.

The flavors range from butterfinger, cake batter, and king cake.

Each flavor suited for any customer that walks through their doors.

“Everybody that comes in can find anything that they like, literally", says Chelsea.

They have two locations, one on South Highland and one on Vann Drive.

After being open a little over 5 months they say the Hub City has welcomed them since day one.

“We’ve met a lot of people, made a lot of new friends and I love it. And we are able to help people with a healthier life", says Bradley.

Cloud Nine Nutrition, Made in Tennessee.


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