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Jim Wilson's Project Christmas Partners

About 40 years ago the Knights of Columbus started a tradition to help low income families have the Christmas they deserve and it’s a tradition they continue to this date.

It is called Jim Wilson's Project Christmas Partners.

“It's just the real spirit of Christmas involved in this project, what Christmas is all about,” says Mary Jane Warmath.

They started by just serving a couple families in the community.

This year, project Christmas partners is giving Christmas presents to more than 900 children facing poverty in west Tennessee, as well as children in foster homes.

Many of the families didn’t know how they were going to get through the holidays, and this project is the only way their children will be able to open up a gift under the tree on Christmas morning.

“In fact we've had mothers come in and cry because they had no means and the thing were finding now is a lot of the children were doing this for are being raised by their grandmothers who are trying to do it off a social security check,” says Joyce Lafont.

The project is completely volunteer and donation based and couldn’t be done without support from the community.

They're packing up the Christmas presents and getting them ready for the families but they say they could use all the help they can get. Anyone is welcome to come by the remainder of the week and help out.

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