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Women graduate from life's healing choices

Inside this door is Judge Don Allen's court room where 14 women not only graduated but went through an incredible transformation.

They went through life’s healing choices, a faith based 8 week program part of the celebrate recovery ministry.

The program takes women from the Madison County Jail who have made bad decisions in their past and helps them turn their life around.

“It's incredible I really did not think this class would impact me the way it did,” says Kara Pappas.

One of the 14 women, Whitney Sells, was a heroin and crack addict since she was 17 years old.

Now, at the age of 25, and after going through this program she is clean and looking forward to treatment.

“I was facing 12 years in prison and thanks to Judge Don Allen i'm not going to prison i'm going to a recovery center where I can get into treatment. I'll be there for a while but it's going to help me and my family,” says Sells.

From their journey, these women now hope to inspire and help other incarcerated women or women suffering from addiction change their life.

“I'm looking forward to getting my kids back and i'm looking forward to helping other women going through the same thing i'm going through and i want them to know that your current destination isn’t your final destination,” says Sells.

All the women are now taking the time to celebrate this moment with their families knowing that there is a better path ahead.

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