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JMCSS School Board starts their search

Over the past year the school board has been tasked with voting to build a new elementary school, reconstructing high schools, and now starting the search process for a new superintendent.”

“Good organization.”

“Someone who has the ability to lead.”

“Genuinely care.”

These are characteristics that community members, parents, and leaders want to see in a new superintendent.

The Tennessee school boards association held five forums today to give the community a chance to give their input on the process.

“I came today to give some thoughts on the superintendent search and what i hope they the board looks for in the candidates", says parent, Amy Jones.

The moderator asked the audience three questions to start the conversation.

The answered questions, an online survey, and a paper survey will be combined then given to the school board to help make a criteria for the position.

One parent says that she hopes the criteria includes diversity.

Frances Douglas says, “well diverse on all the issues that our community is currently struggling with.”

JMCSS has been through numerous superintendents in the past few years and now the community is just looking for consistency.

“I really am grateful that they gave us the opportunity to speak and the community should come out and have their voice heard", says Douglass.

Now, once the search process is completed, the school board hopes to have a superintendent hired by April 1st 2020. In Jackson, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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