Dyersburg receives a grant from TDEC

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation presented the city of Dyersburg with a 2.5 million dollar check today for their wastewater. A check they say they needed.”

The check is a loan with principal forgiveness of 500 thousand dollars, for the city of Dyersburg to be able to improve its wastewater collection system.

Dyersburg city Mayor John Holden says the money will go directly towards assessing infrastructure, addressing aging sewer lines, and helping with flood resiliency programs.

Dyersburg city residents say they're glad to hear the state is looking out for rural communities like theirs.

“Honestly it’s a great thing because I think there's a little bit of stigmata that the people up top don’t pay attention to us so the fact that they are is a breath of fresh air,” says Devan Jacobi.

The goal is to completely rebuilt their infrastructure and for the city to have less collapses and issues in the event of a flood.

Everyone in the city is looking forward to the investment.

“Any time we invest whether infrastructure, education or anything like that we add value to our community so any improvements like that will have long term lasting impacts to our community,” Jeff Agee.

This is one of the two two programs the TDEC is conducting throughout the state of Tennessee.

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