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Milan Police Department adds tech to help solve crime

Whether you’re a new resident, business owner, or life long community member… safety is your number one priority. The Milan police department has introduced new tools to make sure safety stays first.

Current Milan police chief Bobby Sellers started his career with the department in 1988 as a night time dispatcher.

In 31 years he has seen the department grow and now he is adding more technology to keep Milan secure and to solve crime.

Chief Bobby Sellers says,“we’ve got some cameras that are stationed strategically around town in certain areas that are monitored by our dispatcher.”

The department recently introduced cameras, text alerts, and hybrid police cars to the city of Milan.

When i asked residents if the new technology will make them feel safe?

“Oh absolutely”

“Felt safe the entire time we’ve been here.”

Jason Powers owns a business in downtown Milan and says the new text alerts are very helpful.

Business owner, Jason Powers says,“when anything really goes wrong they send out a text community wide, alerts so that we are always aware of what’s going on so we can take precautions and prepare and keep ourselves safe.”

These new additions help police solve crimes and keep the community informed, but they also have other uses.

“Or it may be a missing child or runaway kid or something like that, that they help us locate people", says Chief Sellers.

“Chief Sellers hopes to continue growing the technology to keep milan safe. In milan, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.”

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