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Hunters encouraged to test deer for CWD

This deer hunting season hunters have something else to worry about, chronic wasting disease or CWD and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency is doing what they can to control it like even offering hunters some incentives.

These incentives include earn a buck, where hunters in CWD counties can earn two bucks in addition to the statewide limit of two when they submit a CWD deer for testing.

“I think having the incentive of having to go after a third or fourth buck is a great opportunity,” says John Robert Mehr.

Hunters can also receive replacement bucks when they harvest a CWD positive buck and its confirmed by the TWRA.

Some hunters already know this is something they will be taking part in.

“I absolutely will send it in for testing. I want to know in the neighborhoods that i hunt and the farms we hunt I want to know if there are deers that are positive for CWD,” says Mehr.

The TWRA is hoping this unit CWD hunting regulations will provide more sampling.

Hunters say they're looking forward to seeing the results from the sampling.

“it’s a big part of our life so we certainly want to know if the deer's positive or if its negative,” says Mehr.

To receive more information about CWD or drop off locations hunters can visit

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