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New dog park opens in Humboldt

Mary Ann Carter park in Humboldt isn’t just a park anymore, now its Mary Ann Carter park and dog park after the grand opening today.

The Boyd Foundation held a contest known as dog park dash where cities all over Tennessee competed to be one of the 100 cities getting a dog park.

Humboldt's enthusiasm and engagement is what led them to win.

“We have so much energy around this city now. Its alive again and its so incredible to be back in my home town and see all the great things going on," says Christine Warrington.

After a 25 thousand dollar grant, the dog park has gone from a vision to a reality and it is something the city of Humboldt and its dog owners say they needed.

“It's something the city's needed for a long time, were obviously a pet friendly city, we even have a pet rescue called 4 paws alliance,” says Warrington.

The goal with the dog park dash is to make Tennessee the most dog friendly state in the country.

This is about the 50th dog park to open in the state, with 50 more to go in the next year and a half.

In the meantime, Humboldt invites dog owners in surrounding cities to come enjoy their new space.

The Humboldt community celebrated this today but like they said they're excited to share this with the entire West Tennessee community.

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