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Communities are giving back for Giving Tuesday

After a busy weekend of shopping on Black Friday and small business Saturday and continued shopping on cyber Monday, organizations across the country are asking the community to pause and give back for giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday was created to allow people to give back to their communities.

Like many organizations that participated in giving Tuesday today, the Star Center, in Jackson hopes that these donations can go to clients they serve each day.

“Many folks who come to us have heard the word no over over and over again. And because the support that this community has given us for the past 31 years we’re able to turn that no into a yes", says President, Dave Bratcher.

The Star Center offers disability and support services.

One grandmother says the star center has a special place in her heart.

“One that kind of comes close to my heart is my grandson", says the grandmother.

The Star Center helped her and her family after they received surprising news.

The grandmother says, “we found out he had autism when he was close to two, a little bit after that. Um therapy and learning center has really helped him.”

The Center has various types of therapy centers to assist all their patients.

Her grandson is now 4 and the grandmother says she can see his growth daily.

“It’s awesome, I mean he did not know how to read or anything but he can spell his name.”

And she wants other parents and grand parents to remember one thing.

“You don’t give up, you just get him some therapy."

The Star Center says that their biggest goal is to create a new autism academy. In Jackson, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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