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Made in Tennessee: American Wings

American wings celebrated their one year just last month. They look back at this past year, their accomplishments, and all the relationships they’ve made with their customers.

“Customers, getting to know their stories people will come in and they’ll let us know their whole story and its amazing the things you learn about people,” says Mary Borges.

The customers are the owners favorite part, and the food is what keeps the customers coming back.

Some even come multiple times a week.

“Like 3 times a week,” says customer Tyler Boyd.

They say there’s nothing else like american wings in Jackson, or even West Tennessee.

They sell a variety of food all in one place.

“They have different varieties i get the fish, the wings and the rice. They have different varieties of stuff you can get,” says Boyd.

What they pride themselves on is the freshness of the food.

American Wings makes all their food at their location, and its all made to order.

But after a successful year, they say they're just grateful of being part of the West Tennessee community.

“West Tennessee has been really great to us and we've enjoyed getting to know their stories, getting to know everybody's part in the community and getting to put our own footsteps in the community has been wonderful,” says Borges.

American Wings, Made in Tennessee.

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