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Gibson County tourism adds millions to economy

A six percent increase in expenditures equals to about fifty million dollars added to the Gibson County Economy. And it has a lot to do with local museums just like this one.

Gibson county officials received the 2018 report for the county.

The report showed that tourism added millions of dollars to the economy.

Executive Director for the West Tennessee Regional Art Center, Bill Hickerson said, “they’ll be on the interstate and see the brown signs saying there is an art museum and where to turn and they follow the signs.”

Gibson county is filled with museums, local shops, and other attractions that helped in bringing money to the area.

And the West Tennessee Regional Art Museum is just one example.

“Very, very surprised i think and favorably impressed to find an art museum here in rural west tennessee in a town of little bit under ten thousand people", says Hickerson.

The Art Center recently celebrated twenty five years and they are excited to share their love for art with visitors and the community.

The increase not only helped the various attractions but ultimately the residents in Gibson county.

“So, that was an amazing increase which means that gibson county tax payers, pay almost 250 dollars less per year than they would if we didn’t have tourism", says Executive Director for the Gibson County Chamber of Commerce.

A Gibson County tourism committee recently formed to continue creating ways to bring more visitors.

Bill hickerson – exec. Director, west tn regional art center

“It’s really really exciting to see the communities working together and helping promote our attractions and others", says Hickerson.

Gibson County hopes they can continue this growth in all of their communities. In gibson county, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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