Downtown Jackson gets a new pop up park

After the addition of a new mural in downtown Jackson. The CO wanted to add something else to the area, and they are doing that by connecting the community.

A month ago community members gathered to think of a way to recreate public spaces in Jackson.

Dan Drogosh, CO operations manager says, “we challenged ourselves to figure out a way, to improve Jackson, because this would be a project that we would do across the state, but we kind of just wanted to test it out here.”

And they called it a 'Civic Crunch'.

“In a short amount of time span and a low budget, what can you do to improve your city and the spaces that are unused in it”, says Drogosh.

With only 5 thousand dollars and a month of time to work, the group designed a pop up game park in downtown Jackson.

Some of the youth in the community are glad to see a new way to connect with others.

“I think this is really cool, because you have different games and different sights to see. I feel like it would be a good experience for children and older people", says 12th grader, Aleeyah Davis.

Aleeyah Davis is a senior in high school here in Jackson and she says this new addition gives downtown a better look.

Davis says, “I think this game park is a good example of there being positive things in Jackson. It’s a place for people to come and feel safe and not have that stigma of danger everywhere you go.”

The game park has a life sized chess board, tick tack toe, connect four, and checkers.

Each item in the game park was hand made by the group at the CO.

Drogosh says, “if anything, we want this to be an inspiration to other communities and organizations that you can do that, it just takes a team.”

The CO encourages the community to come out to the pop up game park and connect. In downtown Jackson, for 39 News, I'm Imani Williams.

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