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JMC library now offers memory care kits

120,000 Tennesseans are living with Alzheimer, and the Jackson Madison County library wants to do something to help.”

“My grandmother suffered from dementia and it was really challenging i remember visiting her in the facility she was in and it brought me to tears because she didn’t remember me," says Jenci Spradlin.

Thanks to Leadership Jackson, people can now use their library card to check out memory care kits and make situations like these a little easier.

These kits are a tool for caregivers as well as family and friends of someone with dementia.

"If I had this tool when I visited my own grandmother I could talk to her of her memories of various things," says Spradlin.

The memory care kits each have a theme like pets, gardening, or music to help stimulate specific memories in those experiencing memory loss

“Music and rhythm is something they don’t lose even as their memory fades and they forget how to do things they’ve been able to do their entire life," says Cassie Duggin.

Leadership Jackson along with the library gave 5 memory kits to local memory facilities and they kept another five for the community to use.

These memory care kits are only the first of many the library says they want to create a lot more and give people more options in the future.

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