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Operation Christmas Child

This may just look like a shoe box, but whats inside of it could be life changing.

Children all over the world will be receiving these shoe boxes.

They are filled with things like toys, school supplies, and hygiene items… and even the smallest item in the shoe box can mean the most to a child in need.

“Someone told me this morning that they always put erasers because the kids have so little paper they write in pencil and erase it to use it again,” says Debbie Newell.

First Baptist Church in Jackson has a goal of collecting 18 thousand shoe boxes.

They encourage everyone to be involved in any way they can.

Whether it be filling up a shoe box, donating for a shoe box, or donating items to put inside of them.

“A girl in our Sunday school class made 100 cloth dolls, 150 cloth dolls that we put in boxes this year,” says Newell.

Operation Christmas Child doesn’t just give a Christmas present to boys and girls of all ages, it gives them something when they might not have anything.

“We know a guy who got a shoe box when he was 6, hes 32 and he still has a car in his pocket because that box meant so much to him,” says Newell.

People still have time to get involved its not too late, all they have to do is come here to the First Baptist Church of jackson, pick up a shoebox, fill it up, and bring it back before monday.

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