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Milan high school football coach resigns, community wants answers

After two years of friday night lights right here on this field. Milan head football coach resigns, but the community wants to know why.

Monday morning former head coach for Milan high school football was given two options.

“And we just had a normal discussion and then he just goes in and say um, here at milan high school we are going to move in a different direction coach", says former head football coach, Craig Pettigrew.

Resign or be fired.

Pettigrew adds, "I have prepared two statements one is you resigning and the other is you being removed from the head coach, we would like for you to choose which one.”

Milan high school principal, Greg Scott, released a statement saying that he accepted a letter of resignation from Pettigrew and will now begin the process of finding the next leader of the team.

Today community members gathered to share their thoughts on the choices given to Pettigrew.

And they say they need answers.

Milan resident, Tamie Hunt says, “making you tell us the real reason why you let him go and making you show him respect.”

Although Scott told Pettigrew that his race had nothing to do with the decision, Pettigrew and the community think otherwise.

“Did I get fired because i am african american and not caucasian, I mean what other reason do you have to fire me? You have none", says Pettigrew.

Pettigrew worked with the team for sixteen years and was head coach for two.

The community members that met today, say they plan to continue supporting coach pettigrew. In Milan, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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