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Home Depot gives back to HBCU's, including Lane College

Lane college was once again awarded 50 thousand dollars from home depots retool your school. Now students are grabbing their paint brushes and getting to work.

“As you can see were just getting started but the outcome is going to be amazing," says Tomiah Burrow.

Lane college decided on their Student Union Center for the project.

They wanted to remodel a location that every student would benefit from.

“Every student has used it, will use it, at some point in time whether it be through instructional through gym or fitness classes, or through project and program that our campus life do," says Braylin Laster.

Students got involved and are doing all the work themselves, starting with the first phase of the project… painting the walls.

They will also be installing hardwood floors and mirrors for yoga and aerobics, rubber floor for the weights section and bringing in new furniture.

"Our fitness instructors will be holding classes here, and also for our campus life they’ll be holding events here as well,” says Laster.

Getting the opportunity to renovate their campus is something that Lane College, and their students say they are very grateful for.

“I was grateful, i was thankful, lane college is definitely grateful for this opportunity and we cant wait to see,” says Burrow.

The remodeling of the student union is set to be complete mid December.

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