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Made in Tennessee revisits Butcher Boy Machines

Every single machine made here at butcher boy takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to make and that’s because they pride themselves on quality.

“Our machines are built to last. Actually one of our first band saw's was built in the 1920's and is still being used in Alaska today,” says Adam Forsyth.

Butcher Boy Machines manufactures all types of food processing machines, for small town butcher shops, to large manufacturing facilities, and each one is custom built.

“This is a vacuum tumbler its used to marinate meat. I write the PLC programs and HMI programs for this machine," says Levi P.

Butcher Boy has been in West Tennessee for about 5 years now.

They ship their equipment all around the world, and are proud to say that every single part of it was made in the small town of Selmer.

“It makes me feel good, it’s a lot of pride in our work that we have here being able to produce this kind of large equipment here at home so it’s a good thing,” says Levi P.

This year butcher boy machines has manufactured more than 60 machines, and they have a goal to more than double their production size next year.

“We're continually growing so that’s huge our community needs a good business like this,” says Forsyth.

Next time you enjoy any type of food from deli meats to cheese, remember butcher boy machines was a part of the process.

Butcher boy machines, made in Tennessee!

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