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Remains found months after smell of odor

One morning earlier this year a woman noticed an odor while walking in these door to work. After two days of smelling the odor she called in the Jackson Police Department. The officer that arrived did a walk through of the building, but did not find anYthing.

The Jackson woman says, “Well back in may I was coming into work I noticed there was a very loud lingering odor.”

Little did she know the smell was coming from human remains.

“And i wasn’t really quite for sure what it was, and i’m going to say about two days went by and i just decided i would just call the police and have them do a walk through", she says.

Thursday afternoon the Jackson Police Department released a statement about remains found on the 400 block of east main street in downtown Jackson.

In the release, JPD says the remains were found by workers at the building.

They were found on october 25th, months after the woman initially smelled the odor.

The woman says,“I was really stunned".

The woman who works in the building near where the remains were found says she was very surprised.

“I was taken by surprise that the result was you know, a person. So, that lets me know that, that smell that, that smell we had been smelling for those months, that that’s what that was.”

JPD was not available for an interview today but they mentioned that the identity of the body was reported missing in July of this year and say they took steps to locate the missing person.

After reviewing an autopsy on the body the release says there was no foul play involved. The death was determined to be of natural causes.

The Jackson Police Department have identified the body, but will not release the name until the family is contacted. In downtown Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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