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New solar farm could help local industries

This solar farm is holding two megawatts of energy. Enough to supply for two subdivisions here in madison county.

Today the Jackson Energy Authority, Silicon Ranch Corporation, and the Tennessee Valley Authority flipped the switch.

“Well i think this is a very exciting part of the history here in Jackson, we’re making history today", says TBDN General Manager, Carl Pfountz.

All three companies worked together to help industries in Jackson generate power at a lower cost and more efficiently.

And they did this by flipping the switch on for the new solar farm.

The farm will give jackson another source of energy at a lower rate.

Program Manager at Toyota Boshoku, Bruce Niven says, “We want to be able to maintain our sustainability here in the community and we would like to be a responsible partner with the community.”

TBDN Tennessee Company and Toyota Boshoku partnered with JEA, Silicon Ranch, andTVA to use this reusable energy at their facility.

Both companies hope this is one step in the right direction for the future of Jackson and Madison county.

"Thinking of future generations and clean energy and so I think this is apart of trying to achieve that goal of ours", says Pfountz.

Each company has goals they plan to reach by 2050, like zero waste water and CO2 emissions, and ultimately minimizing their use of natural resources.

Silicon Ranch hopes to continue building solar farms in Madison county. For 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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