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Final preparations underway for Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland light show

It looks like i'm at a Christmas wonderland with this Christmas tree made out of lights standing right behind me but i'm actually just at the Jackson Generals Ballpark parking lot. They have completely transformed it for their annual light show.

“Were getting close, were going to be ready,” says Adam Koenigsberg

Baseball season for the Jackson Generals only goes from April to September, but they try to utilize the ballpark year round.

“The city of Jackson has been a great partner and its really nice of us and good of us to use the facility to its capability," says Marcus Sabata.

Crews have been working for 6 weeks to bring Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland light show to West Tennessee.

The 2 and a half mile long light show is filled with millions of lights that are all synchronized to music.

The goal is just to bring the holiday spirit to the more than 13 thousand people who drive through the light show every year.

"We want them to enjoy, want them to bring the kids, want them to bring the family, and really enjoy it for what it is which is a good holiday for enjoyment for the family and put down the cell phone and enjoy the lights,” says Koenigsberg

All of the hard work is about to pay off. The Shadrack's light show gets started tomorrow and goes all the way until the first of the year.

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