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Jackson apartment fire results in one fatality

It was around 5:30 this morning when the Jackson Police Department and the Jackson Fire Department responded to a fire in the third apartment of the second floor of the building behind me. Some neighbors tell us more of what they witnessed this morning. “I was sleep and she woke me up because somebody was beating on the door to let us know the house was on fire,” says neighbor Joe Bates. The fire occurred at 1160 Hollywood Drive in midtown Jackson. When neighbors Iva Dawkins and Joe Btes were woken up the first thing they did was make sure everyone else in the building made it out safe. “I come out and everybody else wasn’t out so Joe went and started knocking on the doors beating on the doors and got everyone out that was in the building,” says neighbor Iva Dawkins. Jackson police and fire department confirm that someone inside the apartment unfortunately did not make it. Dawkins and Bates say it was their friend Barbara Ivory and are mourning the loss of their friend and neighbor. “And then one of my friends… she uh…” says Dawkins. JPD hasn’t confirmed if the fire was intentional or accidental yet, but neighbors want more information on how it happened. “Don’t nobody know what really happened,” says Bates. As of now this fire continues to be an ongoing investigation but if anyone has any information that would assist they are urged to contact the Jackson Police Department or the Jackson Fire Department.

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