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Made in Tennessee: Mama Baudo's Chow Bella

Mama Baudo's has served the Jackson community spaghetti and lasagna for over 40 years, but as times change Mama Baudos continues to keep the same traditions.

In 1965 Helen and Buzz baudo opened B and H Pizza in Jackson, TN.

“We started there and we had eight stools at the bar and 3, 4 tables. Two of these tables right here are the originals tables from the original restaurant", says owner, Jack Baudo.

The legacy of the Baudo family has continued in the hub city through Mama Baudo’s and now Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella.

The current owner is the son of Helen and Buzz Baudo, Jack.

Baudo says, “Yes, I used to have to step on a step stool to wash the dishes back then. And I’ve been involved ever since.”

After closing the original location of Mama Baudo’s earlier this year owner, Jack, decided to bring it back.

“And we had such an overwhelming response to people coming to see us in those last couple of weeks we were open. We said well maybe lets give this another look", says Baudo.

But this time… he wanted to do it a little different.

Baudo shares his vision, “Take it back to what it was. Take it back to the basics, back to the basics of what we started."

Mama Baudo’s serves fresh made italian food with ingredients from local farmers.

Baudo says making quality food for customers keeps their tradition going.

“Farm to table quality, I mean we get them from local farmers wherever possible. So it does cost us a little more to make it, but the quality is so much better for the customers who are partaking of it"

Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella, Made in Tennessee.

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