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Free wifi in West Tennessee town

Right here in West Tennessee one town is now offering free high speed internet to residents and visitors.

“Oh, it’s wonderful", says Alamo resident Linda Spence.

The city of Alamo received a state grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development that gave the city fifty percent of the funds for high speed internet access downtown.

This grant is a part of Governor Lee’s rural broadband initiative.

And Alamo is one of the seven communities in West Tennessee that received the money.

One woman who lives here says this is a great addition to downtown Alamo.

“Myself i don’t have unlimited on my phone, so when i can get away with it at work. You know on break and at lunch it’s great to catch up on the news", says Spence.

To connect with the wifi all of you have to do is go to your wifi settings and click city of Alamo public wifi and then you’re connected.

Alamo received another 50 percent grant from the USDA and ended up not coming out of pocket for the public wifi.

Business owners in the downtown area hope this will also bring more business to the town.

(hayley slayton – business owner)

Business owner, Haley Slayton says, “I think the wifi will be a great addition to our town, we are really small and we’re trying to do everything we can to bring business to town.”

Alamo Mayor John Emison said that the free wifi will also benefit students in alamo that do not have access to internet at home. In Alamo, for 39 news. I’m Imani Williams.

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