Gibson County's election day

It’s a big day for the city of Milan, it’s election day. I’m out at the polls and a lot of people are coming through to cast their vote.

“It’s always important to vote. It’s important to let Nashville know that Milan has a voice and we need to be heard,” says Christie Jones.

That is exactly what Milan city residents like Christie Jones did today as they voted for city mayor.

Jones shares some of the reasons that brought her out to the polls.

“Just more job security, more people coming in, more people supporting Milan, that's it,” says Jones.

Milan’s mayoral race is between incumbent BW Beasley and alderman Tammy Floyd-Wade.

They each talk about the things they would focus on if elected.

“Recruitment of jobs and were having some success on that and were hoping to have more announcements in the next few years. We also have people looking at new housing developments in Milan we want to make sure those get completed,” says BW Beasley.

“We need to provide all the resources that we can, the infrastructure in our community could be better, we have a lot of blight blemishes and properties that need to be attended to and most of all i want to be a mayor for all the citizens in this community,” says Tammy Floyd-Wade.

The city of Milan will either welcome Mayor Beasley for a second term or will have a change with Floyd-Wade after tonight.

We will keep you updated on the results for Gibson County's local government tomorrow on 39 News.

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