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Made in Tennessee: Graceland

Elvis Presley made his mark as the king of rock, and his name and legacy continue to live on… especially in Graceland, a museum completely dedicated to all things Elvis. More than 20 million people have walked through Graceland to get a glimpse at the side of Elvis not many people got to see --- including Presley motors. According to Graceland officials, Elvis had and gifted many cars and only about ten percent are on display. 15 of Elvis’ cars are parked here at presley motors including the stuts blackhawk, the last car he was ever seen driving. But even with all these cars here no one really knows how many cars Elvis had throughout his lifetime. Elvis would be 85 years old if he were alive today, and although he is no longer here, he is still breaking records.

In the last year, Elvis re-charted once again. Even 42 years after his death Elvis continues to make history selling over a billion records worldwide, more than any artist living or dead.” As people walk around Graceland they also get a sneak peak at another well known piece of Elvis. But rock and roll isn’t the only thing that makes elvis so iconic. Looking around you can see just some of the jumpsuits that make his performances so memorable.” Graceland is located in west tennessee but continues to bring people from all over the world to take a look at elvis’ life. Graceland, made in tennessee!

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