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UM Lambuth poverty simulation

Food vouchers, fake money, it’s all part of a poverty simulation that University of Memphis Lambuth students are going through today. Let’s see how they survive.

Nursing students were put into scenarios that people go through every single day.

"I'm playing a 19 year old single mom and I have a one year old,” says Hailey Hudgings.

They had to face challenges like not having transportation to work, and not having enough money to pay their bills.

“The hardest part is going to be getting to places and making sure you have everything you need especially money wise, EBT cards, making sure you have everything,” says Hailey Hudgings.

The entire experience was to help nursing students broaden their understanding and be more empathetic with patients in the future.

"So it really sensitizes to them that sometimes poverty's not a choice and sometimes for individuals trying to get out of poverty to overcome the obstacles they face,” says Christie Manasco.

Not only can they understand these situations, the simulation also teaches them the types of opportunities and programs that are available so they know how to help families facing these challenges in real life.

This is the 5th year nursing students are put through the simulation, they say it’s the best way to help them understand.

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