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Students Learn More About Living Healthy

I'm here at JCM Early College’s health fair and as you can see behind me the students are pumped up and taking a break from the books, but they are learning more about their health.

“Yes, it was. Legs burning, it was a lot to do. It was a good workout", says Nya Phillips.

Students at JCM Early College High danced, stepped, and learned how to live a healthier life.

D -180 fitness instructor Denair Woodard showed students a fun twist on exercising.

“With extreme hip hop we relate to their type of music we just put an old school feel, as far as the movements with the new music", says Woodard.

After students worked out they met with reps from Complete Dental, The Health Department, the Anti Drug Coalition and more.

The fair also gave students tips on healthy eating habits.

Ninth grade, Callum Donnell says, “because it really teaches the youth, to keep in shape and eat healthy".

The students are still here learning step aerobics and I think I might just join in. For 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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