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Communities Join to Help Those in Need

After saturday’s wind storm that affected thousands of West Tennesseans, community members are coming together to help those without power, food, and water.

With more rain moving into the area one local restaurant is giving back to the community that gave them.

“My mother and father lost their home in the flood in january or february i guess it was and people came out of the wood works to help", says Candice Lineberry.

The family owned bbq restaurant, Ramey’s, decided to help feed those in their community with free hot dogs.

They cooked over five hundred hotdogs and had water and other snacks for people to take back home.

Candice lineberry says it’s the least they can do.

“This is the very least we can do is cook some hotdogs so somebody can have something hot on their belly. This is a tough time for a lot of people.”

Ramey's also provided electrical sockets for people to charge their phones.

Storm survivors say they appreciate the kindness the community has showed them.

Scottshill native Amber Hendrix said, “it’s amazing, I am, we are really thankful to have this community. I mean Scottshill community, Decaturville, Parsons, I mean I’ve got family that live in Saltillo and everybody is pitching in to help everybody else.”

But Lineberry says the thanks does not need to go to them.

“We’re not doing, we’re not the ones that anybody needs to thank. The electric system is doing absolutely everything they can. Hats off to those people, if it wasn’t for them we would be in a lot worse shape than we already are", says Lineberry.

Ramey’s hopes to feed as many people as possible, in Parsons for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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