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NAACP responds to violent dispute between Liberty Tech student and SRO

More fallout tonight from a viral video showing a liberty tech resource officer macing a student then pulling her off a bus.

Now the NAACP is getting involved.

I’m outside of the NAACP where they met with the student in the video Josalynn Greer, to hear what she had to say about the dispute between her and the school resource officer at Liberty Tech.

“The way he jerked me up you could tell he was mad and I feel like that was just extra because I had already calmed down,” says Greer.

Yesterday Madison County Sheriff Mehr, as well as Jackson Madison County Superintendent Ray Washington supported the SRO’s actions as he tried to get a Liberty Technology Magnet High School student off the bus… the NAACP does not.

In their opinion, after seeing the videos, they believe the SRO used excessive force on Greer.

“These are children they are not adults. You cannot police the school system like you police the streets of the city of Jackson Madison County," says NAACP President Harrell Carter.

Greer says she is not the first one to go through a situation like this with an SRO. According to Greer, its common at Liberty Tech.

“Especially at Liberty they do this all the time this is not the first time this happened,” says Greer.

Carter believes there is a bigger problem here that needs to be addressed.

“To make sure that we have the appropriate personnel, that our personnel that exists in these critical positions are trained professionally, and our policies in our school systems as well as the sheriffs department reflect those same values,” says Carter.

The NAACP is now asking for a transparent review of the procedures an SRO should take at a local, public school.

Greer now has to do an entire school year at alternative school and is facing four different charges… trespassing, assault, resisting arrest, and assault on an officer.

Madison County Sheriff John Mehr said the officer did not break policy during the violent confrontation.

We’ll keep you updated to any new developments as they happen.

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