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Red Cross Sets up Shelter for Storm Victims

I am here in Selmer,Tennessee on Falcon road where most of the residents are still without power after this past weekend’s wind storm.

The American Red Cross set up shelter right here in Selmer tn to help those residents out.

“Just thankful”, says Emma Yarber.

Emma Yarber and her family are just one of the many residents in Selmer still without power.

Emma's mother, Amanda Yarber says, “we found our dog, wrapped up in the power line. Where it had fell, a tree fell and broke the power line in half.”

The American Red Cross set up a shelter for families like the Yarbers.

And they are more than happy.

“It’s been, it’s a blessing, because we are going to take our first hot, hot shower tonight", says Amanda.

The shelter manager, Lenora Mcmeekin, says that she strives to give victims a peace of mind.

“When a disaster strikes and they are sitting there and their home is destroyed. They have no power, they have nowhere to cook. It is so important to have somebody out there that says ‘Hey, come here we are here for you’ and that’s what we do.”

The American Red Cross said they have not set a definite date that they will shut down the shelter. But their biggest concern is that all their clients have power when they get home. In Selmer, Tennessee for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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