Decatur County suffers from extreme wind storms

Storms hit so strong this weekend here in Decatur County that trees just like this one flew right out of the ground, but Decatur County residents say damages like these are only the beginning of what they saw.

“We got trees down in our yard, wind are blowing everywhere, power lines are down and we have not had power since Saturday at 1 o clock,” says Tracy Young.

A huge wind storm that passed through this past weekend caused damages to multiple cities in West Tennessee and all throughout Decatur County.

As a result more than 5 thousand residents were left without power, leaving them without food or water.

“We have absolutely nothing, the shelves are empty and there's nothing we can do but sit and wait, and its hard," says Young.

Decatur County officials are doing what they can to help.

They have set up multiple distribution centers through the county giving people bottles of water to drink and shower with as well as MRE’s or meals ready to eat.

And they are also working on bringing the city back to normal.

“We're working on cleaning the roadways off we've gained access to most areas, so now were starting to focus on cleaning the roadway fully and we're starting our damage assessment,” says Decatur County EMA director Andrew Sparks.

The First Bank at Parsons has created an account just for helping with the storm damages called Decatur County storm damages and anyone is welcome to donate.

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