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Skull Found in Gibson County has been Identified

Saturday afternoon the Gibson County Sheriff's Office responded to a call that a dog found skull in wooded area in Gibson County and now after working with other law enforcement agencies, they have updates. Gibson County Sheriff, Paul Thomas says, “The guy was just walking his dogs and they were playing and running, in and out of the woods, running up on him and he just turned around and one of them had it in his mouth.” 22 - year old Sarah Michelle Phillips went missing in January of this year.

Tuesday afternoon the Gibson County sheriff's office identified the found skull as remains of Phillips. The confirmation came from the medical examiner in Memphis. “You know we got a lot of work ahead of us to figure out how she went from here in Trenton and ended up there, there is somebody that knows something that will tell us. I’m confident we will get to the bottom of it, we just got a long road ahead of us", says Thomas. The examiner used 2013 dental records supplied by the family of Phillips to identify the remains. The skull was found in east Gibson County near the Carroll County line sheriff Paul Thomas says that there is no suspect at this point in the investigation. “There’s been a couple of people that they have interviewed a few people that were last seen with her, or around her, or new somebody that was with her. So there has been a multitude of interviews conducted but we don’t have somebody we can call a suspect at this point.” Now the Gibson County Sheriff's Office will continue to work with FBI, TBI, the Milan Police Department and Carroll County Sheriff's Office. In Trenton, for 39 News I’m Imani Williams.

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