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Lifeline blood services is in critical need

The lobby here at Lifeline Blood Services is currently completely empty which is why they're reaching out into the community and asking for help and for people to donate and help save lives like the one of Meagan Jordan's daughter.

When Jordan’s daughter Harper was born she went through 42 blood transfusions, and she says without blood donors her daughter would not be here.

“And she had about, an estimated about 100 percent blood loss at birth so she was perfect right off the bat and after a couple hours started to decompensate,"says Jordan.

But right now, Lifeline is not able to respond like they have before… they are in what they refer to as dangerously low and as a critical need for all types of blood.

“Right now there's not enough blood on our shelves at the hospitals or in our center to send to any hospital in case there was an unforeseen emergency with any patient," says Cherie Parker.

Public relations coordinator for Lifeline Blood Services Cherie Parker says they need at least 500 units of blood per week for hospitals and air evac units, but for the last couple of weeks they have been at less than 50 percent of that need.

Now Parker, along with Jordan ask community members to come help.

"It’s the only thing I can do to to give a little thanks to the community,” says Jordan.

Lifeline invites everyone out to their annual vein drain tomorrow where they wont only get a shirt, but also help save a life.

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