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Governor Lee visits schools in rural communities

West Chester Elementary School got a special visit today from Governor Bill Lee. He walked through these halls, spoke to teachers and the principal, all to see what he can do to help improve public education.

“And how it is we can strengthen, support, and enhance our public school system in Tennessee,” says Governor Lee.

West Chester Elementary was one of the couple of stops Governor Bill Lee made today.

He is visiting schools all over Tennessee, from urban areas, to rural ones like Chester County.

"Rural Tennessee is very important to me as you know we believe that what happens in rural counties really impacts the entire state,” says Governor Lee.

Principal of West Chester elementary school principal, Amy Wooler, got a chance to show Governor Lee around, as well as express her concerns and things she hopes Governor Lee can help with.

“One of my biggest concerns is reaching every kid in our building, make sure every learner gets what he or she needs and the special needs population, the intervention groups, that’s where my focus is right now," says Wooley.

These stops contribute to decisions governor lee makes to help improve schools all across the state… with a goal to change where Tennessee stands on education.

“We're in the bottom half of states in america in our educational outcomes. What I hope to do is make Tennessee a leader in education that we can make improvements that we can invest in ways that we can support teachers," says Governor Lee.

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