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Made in Tennessee: Lee's famous recipe chicken

For more than 34 years, Lee's famous recipe chicken sat in this empty spot right behind me but they’ve grown so much over time that today they're in a new location.

Last Thursday the old building was demolished, and Lee’s is now located directly behind their old store.

This is something they have been planning for about five years and today it was put into fruition

“We put out a lot of chicken but were going to be able to do more and better up here,”

says John Erdmann.

Fisher Construction who helped Lee’s with the move says it was an opportunity to see their growth in the Milan community.

“It was a great opportunity to be able to move them, build them a new building, see them tear down the old building and move into this one,” says Brian Crockarell.

Lee’s in Milan serve much more than just the Milan community.

They welcome about 4 thousand West Tennesseans every week and although they're known for their chicken, they hope people come back for the service and cleanliness as well.

“And then I hope people go away with the impression gee wiz that was good and i want to come back,” says Erdmann.

34 years after opening in Milan, Lee’s has taken some big strides but work isn't done just yet.

“We still have some work to do where the old building was to clear that out and do a lot of ground work and cement and sidewalk and asphalt there that'll take about another 7 weeks,” says Erdmann.

Lee's famous recipe chicken, made in Tennessee.

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